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AIRA Galician Cooperative Society

Aira SCG Factory

AIRA is the result of a cooperative integration process started in 2018, which involved the merger into a single legal entity of the cooperatives AGRIS, ICOS, COGASAR, COELPLAN and AIRA.

The main activity of the cooperative continues to revolve around dairy farming and most of the products it sells are concentrated in this segment. In addition to the feed manufactured in Taboada, the largest dairy feed factory that currently exists in Spain, it is produced through investee companies such as Delagro, manures and fertilizers, and through Dairylac products and components such as pasteurized milk, cheeses, ice cream, etc.

Aira also offers all kinds of services to members aimed at improving the performance of their farms, promoting better production practices and guaranteeing the viability of the sector as a whole. All this inspired by the values of equality, quality, fair trade and sustainability.

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It allows you to manage your veterinary treatments and obtain the books electronically and without paperwork

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